Odin Financial Advisors provides financial advisory services to strategic and private equity clients with a focus in mergers, acquisitions, acquisition financing, capital raising and strategic financial advisory solutions.

Buy-side and Sell-side Mergers and Acquisitions

We bring an innovative approach to our clients’ needs utilizing our past experiences in international cross-border deal making. The mergers and acquisitions business is the center of our practice where we excel in domestic and international transactions including private equity investments, asset sales/divestitures, joint ventures, and corporate restructurings. We provide our clients strategic and tactical solutions during the transactions combined with our strong industry expertise.

Auctions and Exclusive Sale of Assets

As we are managing an auction our objective is to maximize shareholder returns. In this regard, first we assess investor appetite in the market. If we see there is strong investor interest taking into consideration the trends in the global economic outlook, overall investor sentiment, financing availability and growth trajectory in the sector, we provide indicative valuation assessment to our clients. We then negotiate and consummate the auction process with a number of investors, advising our clients on the most favorable transaction timing, structuring, pricing, and potential financing terms.

Capital Raisings

Our objective is to understand the company’s most favorable sources of capital. We study the market and the industry diligently as to how we can position the company in front of investors and effectively share its story with a selective investor group who we believe to be the right partner(s) for the company to realize its long-term objectives.

Long-term, Confidential, Strategic Financial Advisory

Our bankers are highly experienced professionals who bring a set of diverse skill sets obtained through cross-border deal making. We pay tremendous attention for our bankers’ approach to transactions to be perfectly aligned with our clients’ long term objectives and information on our clients and their companies to be handled in highest confidentiality. Our objective is to work with our clients for a long period and in parallel take part in the growth of their businesses and/or portfolio companies.

Global Distribution Capabilities in Local Markets

Cumulatively our senior bankers spent more than five decades working for internationally renowned investment banking firms where they established senior level contacts in large sized companies operating across selective industries. Today, we bring those relationships to our primary coverage markets to realize competitive value for our clients. Our senior global relationships, tracked by past deal making experiences, create a unique competitive advantage in our ability to successfully merge local businesses with renowned global companies and private equity funds.

Independent Advisory Solutions

We operate independently which enables us to apply unbiased advice to our clients during transactions. We have no hidden agenda via capital markets interests. Our clients form the building blocks of our establishment.

International Markets and Product Expertise

Even though we focus on primarily in Turkey and selectively in Central Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we share a strong understanding of how international money markets operate. We steer our clients through the mergers and acquisitions transaction process utilizing our expertise in selective industries coupled with our strong comprehension of international markets.