800 MW Combined-cycle gas power plant in Denizli, Turkey

RWE together with Turcas intends to build and operate a combined cycle gas power plant with an installed capacity of approximately 800 MW. The natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant will be built in the Kaklik Municipality of the Honaz district in the Denizli province of Turkey. The 500 million Euro project broke ground in April 2011 and is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2012. It aims to meet the increasing demand for energy in the Denizli province. The power generated by the plant will account for 2% of the total electricity production of Turkey.

RWE holds a 70% stake in the project and will operate the plant. The remaining 30% is held by Turcas Guney Elektrik Uretim (Turcas).
The project was originally planned by E.ON & Turcas, a joint venture company between E.ON and Turkas. E.ON sold its stake in the project to RWE in March 2009. The company was subsequently renamed as RWE & Turcas. The project permits and permissions, which were issued in the name of E.ON, hold valid for RWE & Turcas as well. The plant will operate for 25 years under the General License issued in April 2009 by Enerji Piyasasi Duzenleme Kurumu (EPDK), the energy market regulatory authority of Turkey. The license is valid for 49 years.

Source: http://see-industry.com