ZENNER and Minol are taking German technology abroad

The Minol-ZENNER Group is expanding its global business operation and underlining its aim of always competing at the forefront with the establishment of a joint venture in Turkey.
Bringing German technology abroad was the declared objective when ZENNER established its first foreign subsidiary in Italy in 1985 and Minol established its first in Poland ten years later. Many other companies were added over the years in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Most recently Turkey has been added to the countries where the Minol-ZENNER Group is represented with an independent location. The aim here is also to work up to one of the top
positions in the market in the medium term. Participation in a joint venture in Turkey under the name of Kodsan Termosar Energy Systems is allowing the Minol-ZENNER Group to enter a market that has been intensively exploited for many years. Core competences are being concentrated and there are great plans with the two joint venture partners Kodsan and Termosar.
Termosar has been distributing heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters and also undertakes assembly on site. In the sector of heat cost billing Termosar is one of the companies of the first hour. Termosar has been offering billing services since 2008 using its own software.

The partner Kodsan since 1984 is Turkey’s first and largest producer, distributor and exporter of enamel coated water heaters, storage tanks, air separators and balance tanks. In 2000 the company started the production of enamel coated water heaters. Kodsan has a wide service network in Turkey and thus offers the necessary sales structure in order to provide optimum support to growth plans. Today the company currently employs more than 130 highly trained professionals.
The Minol-ZENNER Group produces high quality measurement devices with the brands ZENNER and Minol, which the newly established company will use actively in the distribution and service business in Turkey.
Together the three partners are offering all the devices and services that are required for the recording, processing and billing of consumption data for power and water from a single source. They have the clear objective of already achieving a strong market position in the short term and strive for a market share of 10 percent in the first year.

Source: http://www.zenner.com